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Crystal IS

Crystal IS defines innovation and cutting edge, so when their brand identity felt tired and lagging, they came to us to bring it up to speed with the incredible work they do. Crystal IS manufactures high-performance UV (UVC) LEDs for water and surface disinfection, monitoring, and sterilization applications. In other words, they make lights that make water safe. Pretty novel stuff.

The approach: Crystal IS pushes the limits of technology, so we wanted to push their brand to the same limit, if not farther. Through a collection of pieces including the brand logo, advertisements, brochures, digital ads, packaging print collateral, trade show booths, and technical illustrations, we reinforced Crystal IS’ industry leadership, performance, and importance in shaping the future of health and wellbeing.


Trade Show

Trade shows are a true test of brand power and performance. We worked closely with Crystal IS to develop a space that embodied their flare for innovation and high-performing products. The space captured the attention of show attendees and engaged them in Crystal IS’ goals. We call that mission accomplished.

Crystal IS felt that the education of our existing logo and lack of other assets was not as fresh or inventive as we would have liked. Frankly, our brand direction seemed inauthentic to who we are as a company and the products we provide.

Good Behavior was able to inject a fresh, modern, dynamic feel to our brand. Their execution speaks to our technology’s disruptive nature for our market. We continually get compliments from the industry on our brand and it’s impact.

As a team of one at Crystal IS, I rely on Good Behavior to be my marketing arm. Jim is more than just a vendor. Jim is a true partner that provides consultation on all aspects of our marketing. Good Behavior continues to push us forward.

Working with Good Behavior is just awesome. Jim is not afraid to ask questions or pose alternate solutions to problems. Being a one-person team I find this perspective invaluable for my process. Jim’s commitment to us as a client, and my success as a professional, makes him a valued part of the Crystal IS team.
— Elizabeth Solarek

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